About ThoroughBond LLC

ThoroughBond LLC was founded in 2018 to provide technical support and innovative solutions to the industry’s cementing challenges. The lead cementing advisor for ThoroughBond is Kirk Harris. Formerly the global cementing advisor for Oxy and Repsol, Kirk has engineered and supervised cementing operations in over 30 countries. Focused on the integrity of your wellbore, ThoroughBond’s mission is to provide a fast, accurate, and cost-effective response to your cementing and bond log interpretation challenges. ThoroughBond also collaborates with industry experts in developing new cementing products and provides training to the oil and gas industry.

About the Instructor

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Kirk Harris is the senior technical cementing advisor for ThoroughBond LLC and is the lead instructor for ThoroughBond Cementing and Bond Log Webinars & Courses. He has 41 years of experience as a cementing engineer, bond log interpreter, and teacher.

Formerly, Kirk was the global cementing specialist for Occidental Petroleum, Talisman Energy and Repsol. He also worked for Halliburton for many years as a research engineer and technical advisor. Kirk has engineered and supervised every aspect of cementing (deepwater, geothermal, shale, HPHT, etc.) in more than 30 countries. He recently returned from a 2-year project in Saudi Arabia where he supported Saudi Aramco. He has written numerous articles and papers, has been awarded six patents, and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in civil engineering.

Away from work, Kirk enjoys golf, family, and thoroughbred horse racing. Kirk’s passion for teaching and helping professionals advance their knowledge, results in classes that are dynamic, fun, cutting-edge, and results-oriented!