Training Courses

Training Courses

Two high-energy, cutting-edge training courses are offered by ThoroughBond.

Cementing – Basics and Beyond is a 4-day course that teaches exactly how current primary and remedial cementing operations are conducted around the world and focuses on current technologies and procedures, and how to improve the cementing results for your company. From stopping sustained casing pressure to improving the bond across your production zones, you will leave the course with action items to apply to your operations.
Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Interpreting Bond Logs is a 3-day class that teaches the basics as well as advanced methods of bond log interpretation that will help you accurately determine if the formations in your wellbore are sealed and isolated. Basic CBLs, radial bond tools, pad tools, and ultrasonic imagers are all discussed and interpreted. The course is interactive with hands-on interpretations by all participants.
Course Level: Novice to Advanced

Customized and cost-effective in-house training is also available for cementing and bond log interpretation. Contact us to schedule your company’s in-person or online training.

“The purpose of ThoroughBond training is clear – to apply key learnings to your work. You will take away at least three specific action items that will save your company money and make a real difference in your cementing-related operations” – Kirk Harris